We are all One

“Oneness is the Source of love. Real love is the One celebrating itself as two”.   
Ram Das

I read a story just the other day about two 4-year old girls, Jia, who is Caucasian, and Zuri, who is African-American, who have been inseparable best friends since they met when they were two. They recently announced to the world that they are twins because they “share the same soul”. All they see are their similarities – they are the same height, they have almost the same birthday, they literally don’t see color differences.

Ah, but we could all be as wise. In this time of increasing divisiveness and separation, the truth of our unity as one human family, whatever our political, religious or other differences may be, is what will give birth to a world that works for everyone.

That’s my vision, and what guides my everyday choices. Do I stumble and fall prey to the illusion of separateness? All the time. The question is, do I remember to come back, again and again, to the truth of my unity with all life?