You can reinvent yourself. I did, at age 60

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had, or should say, I’m having, a wonderful life– I’m blessed with a loving husband, an extended tribe of family, kids, grandchildren and other kindred spirit whom I adore, good health, beautiful natural surroundings, a wonderful spiritual community, meaningful work… so what is missing? Well, it’s that elusive prosperity that has always been just around the corner, just beyond my reach.

The big 60 

Ever since I left the comfortable security of my parent’s home at 17, finances have been at best ok and often a downright struggle. As a free spirit entrepreneurial type, I’ve never worried much about the future, always thinking it will work out; it always has, somehow, well kinda’. But things changed when I turned 60. Perhaps it was the realization that I’m not going to be around forever. The question of how do I want to spend my remaining years? What do I want the rest of my life to mean? The thought that maybe I don’t want to be buzzing around town in my green bug interpreting when I’m 80. Perhaps it was one time too many of wondering where the mortgage payment was coming from.

A big decision

So, I made a big decision. I decided that now, in my 60’s was the time to really do something to change my financial landscape. So here is what I am doing…..

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A venture into Network marketing

About the same time I started working independently, I became involved with network marketing. Because of my own health sensitivities, I have always sought out natural solutions to environmental health challenges and this approach seemed like the perfect vehicle for my passions for health and education. My appreciation of gratitude as one of the most positive and powerful emotions we have access to, and finding an easy was to express this, inspired me to add a greeting card service to my business endeavors.

So far, although these products have helped people tremendously, I have created wonderful educational workshops and presentations, and I love and believe in the products I sell, I have not been able to generate anywhere near the kind of income that I know is possible, and that I have dreamed of. I also realized that the techniques I was taught to build this type of business – one-to-one meetings, home presentations, networking events, are extremely time-consuming, which conflicts with my desire for more time freedom and spending more time with my family. Granddaughters grow up too quickly! And so I have explored marketing classes, webinars, seminars, books, you name it, trying to find the answer to success......

Healing my relationship to money

Until it dawned on me that no amount of marketing approaches were going to work until I healed my convoluted relationship to money. Some themes that stood out for me: guilt, shame, embarrassment, a sense of failure, brightened with periods of a sense of accomplishment at being able to overcome difficult circumstances. Other thoughts: I'm happier spending than saving, often giving more than I have to give, thinking more for today than tomorrow, valuing present experience more than future security. And to keep things in perspective, although poor in dollars, I feel richly blessed with joy and love in my life.

And so last year I began a journey to heal my relationship to money. Starting with a live radio show on “Healing Your Life” with Dr. Chris Michaels – wow, talk about the impact of airing your financial laundry live on reality radio! I am also halfway through The Art of Money journey – an 11-month program that is rocking my money world!

As a result of this work, my relationship to my finances has shifted from frustration, fear and worry to trust, a deep-seated commitment to changing my situation and confidence in my ability to do so.

So here I am… moving forward along the path, through the twists and turns of my voyage from impoverished hippy/spiritual seeker to successful entrepreneur and manifester of big dreams.

My empowering plan

Here is my plan. I have recently embarked on a new phase of this journey – to tackle a new foreign language so to speak, the language of internet marketing! Scary – yes! Daunting? You bet! Ready to throw my beloved MacBook out the window? More than once! But also full of the thrill of a new challenge, the confidence inspired by some amazing mentors as part of my support team, and the hope for a better financial future. My dream is to empower myself and others to actually live those big dreams –without working a gazillion hours a week- so we can be free to do the important things in life – like spending time with our loved ones, empowering them to realize their dreams, and making a difference in the world.

Hence this blog, dear reader. So if you too, are inspired to journey towards a more abundant relationship to money, to success in whatever passion you are pursuing, while figuring out how to stay healthy and happy and connected to your Source, I hope you will join me as we learn together how to navigate these new waters.

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  1. Fantastic - and yes healing that important money issue is so crucial. I'm right there with ya sista!