How to keep the sunshine feeling as your tan fades

Ahhh, summer! Having just returned from a wonderful week of river swimming and rock hopping with my family, I’ve been wondering how to keep that wfabulous feeling of relaxation now that I’m back to the multifaceted demands of life as an entrepreneur.

Here are a few tips that have helped me to avoid the post-vacation blues and maintain that sunshine feeling.

  • Relive a favorite vacation moment – Visualization is a powerful tool, and simply taking a few moments throughout the day to picture a favorite scene from your vacation – especially one that involves nature – can “trick” your mind and body into thinking you are still there. Breathe in the scents, feel the breeze on your skin, the warmth of the sun on your face. I brought back a favorite river rock to hold to help me recreate the feeling.
  • Celebrate – we often vacation during the week of my daughter’s birthday, so for us vacation also involves celebration. But there is always something to celebrate and bring some of that magic into your life – be creative. How about pick your favorite fruit and have a Mango Monday with mango smoothies for breakfast and a mango salsa on your dinner? Or pick your favorite color and have a Fuscia Friday and dress accordingly. Make up your own reasons to celebrate by keeping a gratiutude journal.  The opportunities are endless once you give your imagination a free reign!
  • Try something new -  One of the things I just love about vacations is the experience of going somewhere new, trying a ndifferent activity, a novel food, a new way of spending time.  So how about signing up for a new meet up group, driving a different way to work, learning a new hobby?  Novelty keeps us alive and you never know what you might find around a new corner! 

As summer gives way to fall and the kids go back to school, it is easy to get caught up in the flurry of activity and let stress creep back into our lives …. So remember, take some steps to bring a little vacation magic into your daily life!