How to relive the joy ~ one happy memory at a time

A good friend told me something fascinating the other day. Did you know that reliving your positive memories has almost the same positive effect on your nervous system and sense of well-being as living the original experiences?

Now that beats the price of a vacation!

So next time you are feeling blue, or frazzled, or out of sorts, try this simple strategy.

Take a deep breath.
Close your eyes, if you wish.
Focus on your chest area.
Feel your breath coming in and out through your heart.
Picture a time when you felt free and happy, see it in detail, and in living color.
Allow a feeling of gratitude to infuse your being.
Enjoy the sights, the smells, the sensations and the feelings of that happy moment.

Come back to your day ~ refreshed, renewed, and with a lighter heart.

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