Peace and order

As I wrote in a previous post, my pursuit of a Zen like mindset and home/office environment has led me to explore the konmari method of dealing with clutter.

Like any journey, before you step forth on the path, there is always the mental, emotional, spiritual preparation. First, the dream itself… the destination that calls your soul and galvanizes you to make a decision, to take action.  Then, the mental, emotional, spiritual preparation.

So as part of my preparation for decimating my possessions, I sat down and asked myself the question that Marie Kondo poses in the beginning of her book.

What do I hope to gain through tidying?

Here is what came to me:

A sense of peace and order when I walk into my house or into my office.

The certainty that anything is possible, that nothing is obstructing me from my dreams.

Why do I want this?

Because I want to be a clear channel for whatever Life wishes to express through me.

Because I will feel happy and at peace, energized and enthusiastic.

It is a humbling thought that our relationship to things, to the physical stuff of life that we have accumulated, can be an obstacle to the expression of our greater good. You wouldn’t think that mere things could have such power, yet… it seems they do.

So here is my question for you beloved reader. If you too, have the urge to let go of a large amount of your stuff…. what is your why?  What do you hope to gain through tidying?

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