Birthday musings: Reflections on turning 63

It’s an interesting situation – I can feel that my body isn’t quite what it used to be… you know - an achy joint here and there, a new wrinkle, noticing that bedtime is getting a tad earlier, forgetting what I was going in to that room to get. And yet my spirit feels ever younger– more joy, deeper peace, a sense of freedom in being who I am with no apologies, more laughter, a greater ease of being.

It’s just a question of whom I choose to identify with. The part of me that is subject to the laws of gravity and the passage of time, or the part of me that is timeless, limitless, forever unbound?  The dance of life on planet earth – infinite beings inhabiting these physical temples, souls on an earth voyage, Spirit on a soul journey.

I listened to Rev. Deborah Johnson at the Center forSpiritual Living speak about reconciliation yesterday. She reminded us that although we certainly don’t have the power to control what happens to us – change happens, our loved ones get sick or die, our body ages – we do have the power to name our experience of what happens – to give it the meaning we choose. Therein lies our freedom.

So, although I acknowledge the reality of the passage of time, the changes in my body and mind, the events of life, the passing of loved ones, I remind myself, as many times a day as necessary, of the Truth of my being - birthless, timeless, changeless Spirit.

And so begins another year of adventure in my soul journey on this beautiful planet earth at this very interesting time in history– and I revel in the simple delights of warm sun, the smell of ocean breeze, birdsong, leaves glistening in early morning light, avocadoes and dark chocolate, the embrace of loved ones near and far, the light in my grand daughters eyes.

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