“Oh, how lovely!” More musings on caring for an aging parent

I am so fortunate to have my own business, to have a flexible schedule that gives me the freedom to take my mum here and there as we go about the business of setting up her new life here – the doctor, the bank, the lawyer, the optician, the chiropractor… we have our schedule of appointments and visits and excursions over to our house for tea, or a meal.  She checks her little diary where I write in what is happening at least 10 times a day, because appointment times are one of those things that seems to slip through her mind like water.

But sometimes, when I have a little unforeseen space in my schedule, I pop in on her unexpectedly. And always, the same response. A look of joyful surprise, a huge smile, and these words – “Oh, how lovely, I wasn’t expecting you, how lovely!”

And I think to myself, wow, what a blessing that simply my presence can bring another human being such joy. And then I wonder, in the end, isn’t that all we really need from each other? Our loving presence?

Who can you give the gift of your loving presence to, beloved reader?

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