Why our Why matters

“If you’re not living for something, you’re dying of something.”
Dr. Chris Michaels on Healing Your Life 

Holy cajole, you just never know what you are going to hear as you are merrily driving along on a Thursday afternoon to the grocery store.

I like to call my beloved green VW bug my university on wheels. In my role as a freelance interpreter, I’m often on the road to appointments, and I like to take advantage of my time behind the wheel to listen to podcasts -  it’s such a perfect opportunity to learn new things, get inspired, get challenged with ideas I wouldn’t normally encounter, stretch my horizons.

This phrase leapt out at me with the force of a cannonball.  Dr. Chris went on to say “Consciousness does not allow coasting. There is only growth or death. If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

You know, that is just so true in my experience. We all need something to live for, something that gets us out of bed in the morning with a spring in our step. If we are not living for something, perhaps our bodies start to get the message that there is no purpose in carrying on, so things start shutting down, winding down, especially as we move past those first 5 or 6 decades of doing and accomplishing, and start wondering what is next for us.

And that something to live for?  Well, it’s different for all of us of course, but I believe it is about serving a higher good, being in service to something bigger than our individual egos. It’s about fulfilling our life purpose and our passion. Our why. Our soul journey.

What are you living for, dear reader?

P.S. Not sure what your why is? Here is what I did to help me to get in touch with mine.   

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