Reflections on sight: A gentle invitation

Close both eyes to see with the other eye. 

I love this reminder.

Especially on the days when my eyes are blurry from staring at the computer screen for hours on end. It is such a relief to take a few moments and close my eyes.

But obviously Rumi was not thinking of computer screens. It’s a deeper kind of seeing he was referring to. One that we perhaps forget in this era of ever available screens of all depictions, on our desks, in our pack packs, in our pockets and purses. Screens that keep our eyes and our minds busy lest, God forbid, we should be bored for a second.

But I am wondering about boredom. Those little empty spaces, when we are between things, perhaps waiting in line, waiting for a page to load even… and we are so quickly, automatically even, drawn to check some other screen.

But what if we actually were to take those moments, and instead of frantically looking for something else to see, we just were to close our eyes, and see what we might see with this mystical third eye Rumi might be alluding to?

What if, when we can’t see our way, we were to stop looking outside ourselves for a solution, and instead looked inward, to the seat of wisdom that lies beyond what is obvious at first sight?

What if there is some part of us that already knows, that already sees, and all we have to do is look away from the world long enough to allow that inner vision to come to our consciousness?

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