How SendOutCards makes me a rock star with my family, friends and customers.

I’ve always been a greeting card lover – in fact I have a whole drawer full of cards I’ve collected over the years. I’ve even sent a few to their intended recipients – well more than a few. It’s important to me to stay in touch with the people in my life, and to regularly let them know how much I appreciate and celebrate them. But in the last couple of years, as I have become busier with my entrepreneurial activities, I started noticing that despite my good intentions, those cards just weren’t getting written and sent. Hence the drawer full.

Getting it to the post-office.....
I mean, what’s so hard about writing and mailing a card, right? Well the fact is that many of us just get so busy in our daily lives that we simply can’t seem to find the time to find and buy that perfect card, sit down to write it, locate a stamp, and actually get the card to the post-office on time. That’s certainly what happened to me!

So easy peasy
Then I discovered SendOutCards … and now I can sit down in front of my computer, choose the perfect card from a selection of thousands, or create my own card with those great pictures I took, customize it with my own uploaded handwriting or signature, and voila! With a few clicks of my keyboard the card is on its way… and SendOutcards prints it, stuffs it, stamps it and mails a real actual card.

So, how do I use it? You name it – birthdays, anniversaries, get well, thank you, congratulations, reminders, follow-ups. Or just plain hello!

Would you like to send a free card, anywhere in the world, on me?  Just click here.

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