The Healthy Interpreter

Healthcare interpreters face multiple sources of stress that can affect their job performance and long-term health and well-being. 

Healthcare interpreters give a voice to the voiceless; we are the bridge that enables clear and accurate communication between patients and providers, thereby leading to better health outcomes. It is vitally important that we take care of ourselves, so that we can continue to bridge the language gap.

The Healthy Interpreter is a resource for reducing stress, learning self care techniques, and living a healthier lifestyle.

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Stress Busters for Interpreters
This 90-minute workshop addresses both obvious and less apparent sources of stress, the physiological and health consequences of these stressors and offers simple and powerful techniques to change stress responses and increase  job satisfaction. Participants learn:
  • How stress affects their physical, mental and emotional state
  • How acute stress can turn into chronic stress
  • How to identify and reduce hidden sources of stress
  • How to apply effective self-care techniques to support  resilience to stress
  • How to release the body’s deep tension with a simple 5–minute daily routine
  • How to use the heart’s intelligence to rebalance the autonomic nervous system
“So unique, necessary and helpful! Thank you for such a gifted presenter with fantastic insights!” ATA conference attendee, Denver, CO.
“I loved your workshop. Very interesting, encouraging, positive and innovative.” Alex Kemper, ATA 2012 Annual Conference, San Diego, Ca.

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